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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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next at 6:00, two when jump in to help someone in trouble and end up derek leaving a north bay mother shocked about her son's sudden passing. temperatures soar in the bay area, the record broken and the ones could fall. a super secure, the unpress department measures to keep fans safe at the super bowl. chap abc7 at 6:00 starts now. >> thank you for joining us, let's start with a live look outside right now. record heat in some cities on what been an amazingly warm winter day throughout the bay area. here's a live look. conditions're toasty in the east bay. the sun getting ready to set. drew tuma is live with a first
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look at the record-breaking temps. >> you wouldn't know if you stepped outside it's february because today's temperatures felt much more like april. not a cloud in the sky. a beautiful sunsetment railroad warmth at oakland airport, 74 degrees, besting the old record of 69. oakland museum coming in at 7 4. besting their record of 72 set back in 1987. right now numbers well above average. 6 san francisco, 66 mountain view, antioch, church of 67. overnight, rather mild out there. plenty of stars. upper 40s up to ear -- 50s and warm if day on monday. >> there's stuff on the streets has to stop. >> mother's plea after the sudden death of their son and his father-in-law killed in a
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fight in north bay in marin city. cornell bernard is live with the story. >> reporter: that mom searching for answers tonight. she says her son had a bright future and a family. tonight many asking why he had to lose his life. >> what going to tell the kids two kids. >> relatives can't believe the young father is one of the dead after a brutal fight. she says her son was killed. >> i don't know who did this to my son. my son was a good guy. and i don't know why she says his father-in-law was also called. >> very close and they died together. >> she says the two may have tried to intervene in a domestic dispute. >> there was persons with bats and knives and sticks. >> but the fight ended in gunfire, leaving another man
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wounded. >> two lives lost here. >> it's sad. to very nice guys. just hard to understand. >> family friend is shocked by the senseless crime. >> not have a very good super bowl sunday in marin city. >> we don't recognize there's any further threat to the community. >> officials say no suspects are on the loose. meantime, mother grieves for her son who lives hip a wife and two young daughters. >> my son was only 29 years old. this stuff on the streets has to stop today, right now. >> in marin city, abc7~news. >> abc7~news has cell phone video from a viewer showing the firey fatal car crash in san francisco last night. chp officers spotted three men driving recklessly in a white chevrolet. the driver led officers on a brief chase westbound on bran unanimous. the chp says the stopped the pursuit for safety recents when
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the car gap speeding through red lights. the chevy crashed into other taxy, then a light pole and burst in names. the three mean inside the chevy died. the taxi driver suffered moderate injuries. >> san francisco police searching for two cars involved in a possible road able shooting today that happened this morning near silver avenue and university street. officers say a white licks sunday suite someone on a shooter while trying to escape gunfire. the person riding the scooter went to the hospital but is expected to recover. 70,000 fans packed levi's stadium today for one of the world's most watched sporting events. super bowl 50 got underway this soon. fans flooded the stadium with an unprecedented amount of security, keeping an eye on everything. laura anthony tweeted this photo showing the only kind of bags allowed in the game, clear and plastic. >> reporter: they're everywhere
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you look, at super bowl 50. men and women in camouflage, full tactical negotiation with high powered weaponry. they're from the national guard, the fbi, and dozens of state and local police agencies. and though the mood is light, the message is clear. >> i think we need it, probably, with the way things are in the world. makes me feel more comfortable going in. >> reporter: knock intimidating. >> no. >> reporter: only certain aircraft are allowed overhead. drones have to day 32 miles a. and on a nearby mountaintop sits a patriot missile launcher just in case. back down on he ground the fans are expected to do their part. >> not be able to bring that back in. >> this is my wallet. >> it's too big. >> even a small wallet was too big for broncos fans sell see ya to bring inside levi's stadium. it had to be checked along with her purse and most everything in it. >> i, um, seeing if i can check
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my purse because i know -- >> you can check your purse. >> will be plastic bag. >> the only bags allowed inside were the clear kind. still, these fans from denver weren't going to let anything spoil their trip to the big game. >> why not just stay home and watch it on the big tv. >> that is a once in a lifetime opportunity type of thing, trying to get tickets and actually come to the game. >> many super bowl fans opted to avoid driving and instead ride buss and trains to the big game. 400 nfl charter buses took an estimate 20,000 people from san francisco to santa clara this morning. caltrain says 6,000 people took trains to levi's stadium this morning. the agency says all trains separated on time. vta says it carried 8,000 fans to levi's before kickoff. they were ready to handle many more. riders were encouraged to buy their fare inside advance and
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expect controlledded conditions. taking a live look from the visaever cam over super bowl city. the fan village is coming down. lilian kim is live with more. >> reporter: crews waisted no time saying goodbye to super bowl city. the teardown process began before kickoff. everything closed at 3:00 p.m., and crews got right to work, pulling cables, taking down lights, ripping up the floor and doing whatever else they needed to do to break down as quickly as possible. super bowl city opened over a week ago, turning justin herman plaza, the foot of market street and a section of the embarcadero to a free concert venue corporate showcase. now that it's over, many are sorry to see it gone. there were few arrests, only 12, and most were for public drunkenness. >> many second ago somebody came up with the phrase, the city that knows how.
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or a grand slam. maybe in this indicate was a touchdown. >> i heard people's reaction to the whole having it here but it was really fun. brought the community spirit alive. glad i god to experience it. >> you felt very face. people took pictures and it was very nice, very organized. >> reporter: some nearby businesses are happy to see super bowl city go away. many saw a drop in sales as streets turned customers away and commuters no doubt will be happy to have the streets re-open, which is scheduled for no later than february 13th. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7~news. >> he was card star among his peers. still ahead at 6:00, the bay area loses a musician whose musician was revered buttner broke through to mass audiences. high-speed rail dragged back
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into court after voters approve a track from san francisco to l.a. netflix and chill with someone. what the tv and movie service can tell you about your love life. ahead at 6:00.
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pioneering bay area music figure dan hicks has died. >> oh, elvis? yeah. hey, elvis, haven't heard phenomenon you for a while. >> his wife confirmed the lead singer of dan hicks and his hot licks passed away following a two-year battlele with cancer. he was atriumer before forming his own outfit. dan hicks was 74. california's disputed high-speed rail system is back in court. central valley farmers trying to stop the system being built through their properties. they'll argue the state cannot keep the promises to voters eight years ago. farmers contend the high-speed rail network cannot finish san francisco to l.a. in anywhere three hours. >> study by netflix shows what shows and movies you have online can have a major impact on your
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relationships. 25% of singles see potential partners as more attractive based on shows they watch and two-thirds of users add shows or movies to their profile to attract a potential net. netflix shows the effect showmance. >> the quite little guy officers rescued last night. could we see record temperatures? meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. >> i'm rick quan. there's more in sports going on than the super bowl. we have nba highlights and golf and two bay area sports figures are going
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a successful rescue in san jose last night. around 10:00 p.m. an officer heard whimpering from a storm drain. he inspected and found a puppy. the little guy was stuck down there. backup came to help out and together they pulled the pup free. it was not hurt. officers are trying to find out if it has a home. we're trying to find out if records are going to fall temperature-wise. >> likely again tomorrow we'll see warmth that will eclipse our current records across the bay
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area. right now, quiet as can be. live doppler 7hd not tracking any wet weather. look at this beautiful shot from our east bay hill camera. great sunset, a half hour ago, showing you not a single cloud in the sky thanks to high pressure squashing any clouds. at means no rain. so rare mild. current temperature, san francisco, 65. our average is 60. san jose, near 70 degrees at this hour. morgan hill, 67. half moon so a live look showing you a quiet but beautiful night across the city of san francisco, and the east bay in the background. so santa rosa, currently 63. napa, 62. 63 novato, fairfield, 56. so, as you plan out your monday, going to start off with most locations in the 40. by noon, lots of sunshine and mild wind bumps us up into the
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60s and by 4:00, records are likely to fall. san jose, going for a forecasted high of 77. that would beat the old record of 75 set back in 1987. oakland and san francisco, i think your records are safe. just slightly below this record value of 77 and 74 respectively. napa, up to 75 tomorrow. beats the old record of 73. livermore, 73, beating the old record of 71, set back in 2006. future tracker temperatures shows you as you jump raid to tuesday afternoon, it's not out of the thought that some areas, especially south bay, could get very close to 80 degrees. this is how mild the air is sitting over us over the next 48 hours. a warm start to the new work and school week. overnight, stars, upper ohs do lower 50s, so this will create a nice launching pad 0 toe get us near the record values, 76
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milpitas. 77 cupertino. 73 san mateo, 76 mountain view. downtown san francisco, sunshine, 70. 64, daly city. north bay, 77 santa rosa, 74 sonoma. 71 san rafael. east bay, 74 oakland. 73 fremont. 69, richmond. inland, sunshine and low 70s. 73 pittsburgh, 72 brentwood, and 73 high in pleasanton. the pattern doesn't come with any rainfall so we are looking at the storms for the week ahead to be shut across the bay area. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, records are likely on monday. it's sunny and warm again on tuesday. it's a touch cooler on wednesday but a february beauty on thursday. a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay but a very small chance as a system scoots by over oregon. by saturday and sunday,
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temperatures well above normal. so tomorrow set your sights for record again. >> finally a dry week. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a lot going no in sports. >> no bay area teams in this jeer's super bowl but they have had this appearances in. january 1997 ken stabler led the raiders to their first super bowl win, victory over the vikings. last night the man nicknamed the snake was elected the pro football hall of fame. his grandsons say he was the best man they ever new. >> never saw him turn down an autograph. very special. loved football. that was life for him. he loved watching us play. >> the ideal man, respectful to everyone. had so much love for everyone, and just my role model and my ideal man who i wanted to be later on in life. >> another bay area figure, former 49ers owner ed dibartolo was elected to the
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hold. he was known for being an owner who was close to his players and took very good care of them. so him choosing his tour make the hall of fame induction speech was a surprise even for her simple thinks set knows why. >> i'm completely honored he did. and i guess it was just -- i think heed have a hard time choosing a former player continue duct him so maybe i was just the natural choice to do it. but i'm very honored. very honored. >> the 49ers have a knives new stadium to play in. the same cannot be said for the raiders. the team owner talked about the future of the silver and black. >> we're the oakland raiders right now, working on a lease extension in the oakland coliseum and that's where it stands. >> short term lease. >> one year extension. >> any possibility of you sharing the levi's stadium. >> i don't believe so. we were going to play there one game this year but the broncos took our place.
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>> according to the league sources oakland native mar shawn lynch is getting ready to retire from football. the seahawks running back missed the final seven games of the regular season because of various injuries. teammates are reportedly trying to change his mind. with the warriors off until tuesday, steph curry has cared on his mind. he was banging the ceremonial drum for this team. the l.a. clippers have been on 0 roll. taking on the heat. dwayne wade lays it up and in. he scored 17 points. l.a.'s chris paul started off the day 0-9 from the floor and finished with a game-high 22. also had seven assists, this one to deandre jordan who delivers the monster jam, clippers win. the hawks and magic went down to the wire in orlando, down by 3 with 55 seconds land,
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baysmore has 3 but orlando with a little magic as mike vucevic cores right before the buzzer. he had 22 points and nine rebounds. the final round of the phoenix open with sudden death on the fourth extra hole. rickie fowler tees off and his ball it heads right to the water far splash landing. that would be the difference as fowler bogeyed the hole and yatsyama with the victory. abc7 will be there at pebble beach next week. to the super bowl, we're midway through the fourth quart ir. carolina trails denver 16-7. i guess there is a d in denver. right now they're keeping cam newton very frustrated. this sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. so big surprise, carolina came in a six-point fav favorite and they're losing. >> still a lot of football play. >> at least another quarter. >> next at 6:00, a kung fu fight
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at the box office. three new movies try to take the crown away from "kung fu
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join us on kofy tv 20. fishermen who took major financial hilt when crab season was cancelled could have also help coming their way. then at 11 here on channel 7, memorial is growing for the three people who died in a firey crash last night in san francisco. as we're learning more about the aborted police chase, tonight at 11:00. super bowl weekend is typically slow at the box office. this weekend was no different, despite three movies debuting in the top six, kung fu panda at the top with $21 million, the look at 1950s hollywood, hail caesar, debuted in second with 11 million. revenant was third. in fourth, "star wars: the force awakens," which stopped $900 million in north america and $2 billion worldwide. the choice earned 6 million, and
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pride and prejudice and zombies debuted with five million. cat lovers, some feline football action for you. >> super cute. >> that right. supercute kitty pounce on to the gridiron for the kitten bowl, taking on boomer's cats which released a mechanical mouse. take note of the scratching posts for the goal post. this event, like the puppy bowl, brings awareness to animal adoptions, but cats are a little tougher to control, so coach may have been chasing behind them when they walk off. >> super cute. i love it. >> they are adorable. we can get you one of those cats or two. >> or five. >> or five. theft it for abc7~news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00 for drew and rick, thank you for joining us. for updates on any emergency story, anytime, download or abc7
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